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Service Level Agreement

Get the most of your electronic LED display with a service level agreement.
This is a fast and easy method to get issues such as maintenance and operation of your display sorted out.

Here Are Some Common Issues Customers Have With Their Displays: 

  • The person responsible for operating the display has left the company without training the next person.
  • Software or other equipment such as the infra-red keyboard has been misplaced.
  • The display needs a service but nobody knows who to call.
  • Old displays might need to be upgraded.

A service level agreement will ensure your display gets serviced regularly. Regular services will keep your display clean and well ventilated.

On numerous occasions, the displays overheat due to poor maintenance.

Overheating causes key parts of the electronic components to deteriorate at a faster pace and will lead to failure of the display which could be a costly expense to repair or even replace.

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