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PolyComp Technologies offers a wide range of electronic scoreboards. LED scoreboards are ideal for visibility during the day and at night.

Various character heights for your scoreboard; you can choose between text or full video screen scoreboards. The text display is a fully functional and affordable scoreboard. The design can range from a simple timer with scores (home and visitor in vinyl) to a full LED with club/school logo in vinyl with the ability to specify team names.

Full colour video scoreboards take your event to the next level with the ability to generate income from advertisers during the game to special effects when your team scores while having a fully functional scoreboard.

We also offer various options for more flexibility when choosing an electronic scoreboardOur robust scoreboards are available in aluminium enclosures and can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, depending on your needs.

Various products for sports, such as electronic scoreboards, perimeter displays, video screens, substitution boards, and countdown clocks.

Video Scoreboards

video scoreboard hoërskool linden

Advantages of Using a Digital Scoreboard

There are several advantages to using a digital scoreboard, including:

Enhanced visibility

Digital scoreboards use LED, which offers bright and clear visibility even from a distance, making it easier for spectators to view the score and game updates.

Real-time updates

Digital scoreboards can update scores, timing, and other important game information in real time, allowing spectators to stay up-to-date with the game’s progress.

Easy to operate

Digital scoreboards are typically user-friendly and can be operated with a handheld remote or a computer, making it easy for operators to manage the scoreboard during the game.


Digital scoreboards can be customized to display team names, logos, sponsor advertisements, and other information, making them an effective tool for branding and revenue generation.

Multiple features

Digital scoreboards often come with various features, such as countdown timers, period indicators, and instant replay displays, which enhance the spectator’s overall game experience.


While digital scoreboards may require an initial investment, they can be more cost-effective in the long run as they require less maintenance than traditional scoreboards and can last for many years.

General Features

  • Score Display: displays the score for both teams in real-time.
  • Time Display: displays the remaining or elapsed game time, including added time.
  • Period Indicator: displays the current period/quarter/half being played.
  • Team Name Display: displays the names of each team on the scoreboard.
  • Game Status Information: shows in-game information that helps the players and coaches make the right decisions and excites the fans.
  • Advertisements: monetizes game days by displaying ads or sponsored content.
  • Instant replays: show key moments or the game-winning goal on the screen.
  • Animations/video content: show animations or video content during breaks to entertain and engage fans.

Video Scoreboards – Advantages:

  • Can be used as a multi-sport scoreboard for various sport types.
  • Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, Netball, Drummies, etc.
  • For indoor and outdoor use with weather-resistant enclosures.
  • Will display video or static advertising or marketing.
  • Customizable software for individual requirements


  • Fixed or mobile
  • Full-colour video screen
  • Variable sizes
  • Displays team names, team logos, scores, half & quarters, fouls
  • Live video feeds, movies, photos, animation, general information
Bersig Academy, Rustenburg

Bersig Academy, Rustenburg

Hoërskool Secunda, Mpumalanga

Hoërskool Secunda, Mpumalanga

Hoërskool Nelspruit, Mbombela

Hoërskool Nelspruit, Mbombela

Laerskool Orion, Alberton

Laerskool Orion, Alberton

Leeuwenhof Akademie, Bedfordview

Leeuwenhof Akademie, Bedfordview

Hoërskool Rustenburg, Rustenburg

Hoërskool Rustenburg, Rustenburg

Laerskool Burgersdorp, Lichtenburg

Laerskool Burgersdorp, Lichtenburg

Heron Bridge, Fourways

Heron Bridge, Fourways

Custom Scoreboards

ScoreBoard_custom_1 (1)

PolyComp Technologies can create any custom scoreboard according to your specifications.


  • Custom design for any single or multi-sport scoreboard
  • Custom layout and character height
  • Additional branding space
  • For indoor and outdoor use with weather-resistant enclosures.
  • Fixed or mobile

Traditional Scoreboards

ScoreBoard_Traditional_1 (1)


  • Variable Sizes
  • Electronic or vinyl team names
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Full-colour 
  • For indoor or outdoor use with a weather-resistant enclosure
  • Additional branding space
  • Multi-Sport scoreboard

Our scoreboard is adaptable for many sports like soccer, rugby, cricket, water polo, swimming, go-karting, drag racing, tennis, basketball, and baseball.


  • Variable Size of the board.

  • Electronic or Vinyl team names.

  • Fixed or Mobile.

  • Full-colour video screen.

  • For indoor or outdoor use with weather-resistant enclosure.

  • Additional branding space.

  • Multi-Sport Scoreboard.

  • Affordable price

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Quality Guaranteed

All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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