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PolyComp Technologies has been a top manufacturer of Production & Safety LED Signs since 1985.

Safety signs are crucial in ensuring workplace safety by alerting employees to potential hazards and providing instructions on avoiding injuries. They serve as a valuable tool for preventing accidents and increasing awareness of risks in the work environment.

These LED signs are necessary for employees to be aware of hazardous situations and have essential guidance during emergencies. At the same time, businesses could face significant legal consequences if injuries occur due to a lack of hazard warnings or knowledge.

Electronic Safety Signs are vital to warn the public of the dangers on the street or while traveling; ensuring the safety of employees, bystanders, and anyone else in the vicinity is crucial. Further, they will protect the business from legal issues and acts as a safeguard for the general public.

Ensuring your environment is adequately signed can help protect employees, visitors, and the general public from potential hazards. The strategic placement of safety signs creates a safer environment where danger is intertwined with daily life.



What are the seven safety signs?

Safety signs can be classified into seven categories, each serving a specific purpose. These categories include mandatory signs, prohibition signs, warning signs, danger signs, fire signs, emergency information signs, and restriction signs.

These diverse types of signs are vital in ensuring safety and effectively conveying critical information in various settings. By understanding and utilizing these seven categories, organizations can promote a secure and informed environment for their workers and visitors.


What are the nine danger symbols?

Explosive – the symbol of safety is an exploding bomb

Flammable – the symbol of safety is a flame

Oxidising – the symbol of safety is a flame over a circle

Corrosive – the symbol of safety is corrosion

Toxic Acute toxicity – the symbol of safety is a skull and crossbones

 To the environment – the symbol of safety is an environment

Health hazard to the ozone layer – the symbol of safety is an exclamation mark

Health hazard – the symbol of safety is a health hazard

Compressed gas, gas under pressure – the symbol of safety is a gas cylinder

What do the four colours on safety signs mean?


The color-coded system of safety signs provides an effective means of communication, with each colour conveying a specific message.

  • Blue is used for mandatory signs
  • Red is associated with prohibition and fire safety signs
  • Yellow signifies warning signs
  • Green is employed for first aid and emergency exit signs

The choice of colours in safety signs is not arbitrary; it is rooted in the psychology of perception, where colours can symbolise safety, instruction, or danger, depending on the context. This colour-coded approach enhances the understanding and effectiveness of safety signs, enabling individuals to quickly recognize and respond to the conveyed messages.


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