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An Islamic prayer time board is an electronic device that displays the daily prayer times and other important information related to Islamic prayers, such as the direction of Mecca (Qibla) and the remaining time for the next prayer. It is designed to help Muslims keep track of their daily prayers and perform them on time. 

Our display uses digital technology to provide accurate and real-time information. Accuracy is achieved by using a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator which generates accurate time.  

Islamic prayer digital displays are commonly found in mosques, Islamic centres, and other places of worship where Muslims gather to pray. They serve as a helpful tool for the Muslim community to stay connected with their faith and stay on track with their daily prayer routine.

Our very popular Islamic prayer time display (Islamic prayer time clock for mosques) is also called Mosque Displays.

These boards display prayer times and messages electronically to keep your community informed. Their robust design ensures longevity for many years,

Different colours and artwork options are available to suit your requirements, and we also have the capability to custom design a Mosque display for any application.

Do you want to display a message that can be changed whenever you want to?

PolyComp Technologies has many options available for this. Our Mosque displays come in various colours, character heights, number of the characters per line, and number of lines per display.

Consider the viewing distance from your digital sign when purchasing digital signage. The character height will be worked out according to the distance from where you would like the display to be visible. 

You will also need to consider whether your sign will be used indoors or outdoors and think about the branding area on your sign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the five daily prayers?

The five daily prayers are:

  • Fajr (prayer time at dawn)
  • Dhuhr (prayer time at midday)
  • Asr (prayer time in the afternoon)
  • Maghrib (prayer time at sunset)
  • Isha (prayer time at night)

PolyComp Azan clock displays the above prayer times.

Performing the five prayers every day during the prescribed times is obligatory. The times for each prayer vary depending on your location. 

What is the meaning of Azan?

Azan, also spelled Adhan, is the Islamic call to prayer, traditionally recited by a muezzin. The muezzin is a person appointed to lead the call to prayer in a mosque.

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