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Central control via Polycomp Technologies Cloud – “PolyCloud”

Whether you have a single display or multiple displays, whether they are in the same location or in different spots, you can easily control them all from a central office by using “PolyCloud” via the internet.

Polycomp Technologies Cloud – Live information

PolyComp Technologies has developed a cloud application that drastically simplifies the control of the display network from a central point and allows the client to integrate “Live” data into the display attracting more views!

This is an ideal solution for Corporates, Manufacturing companies, Mining houses, and in fact ANY business that wants to display its own unique messages from a central point, change it easily whenever they wish, as well as integrate Live data feed into the displays

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Quality Guaranteed

All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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