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Petrol price LED displays are specifically designed for the petroleum industry. They are available with high-contrast, broad-stroke digits that provide clear and highly legible fuel prices. The displays feature energy-efficient LED technology in a range of colours with outstanding visibility and impressive viewing angles.

Polycomp Technologies is a reputable manufacturer of LED displays with the experience to advise you on the most suitable materials for creating LED price displays.

We offer state-of-the-art production facilities and processes with excellent analysing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, shipping, installing, and maintenance for all signs.

Benefits of Using Petrol Price Displays

Petrol station LED signs are highly effective at attracting customers to purchase petrol and can also be used to encourage additional sales from the convenience store within the gas station.

Price displays offer an excellent way to capture attention and promote special offers, gas prices, and community engagement, and even come with a facility to share videos.

Investing in an LED gas station sign can differentiate your business from the competition, creating a welcoming and well-lit environment that drivers prefer over darker rest areas.
LED screens at petrol stations serve as more than displays for fuel prices.

Petrol Price displays can be utilised to advertise a wide range of products and services, adding a modern touch that entices potential customers to visit.

These price displays can be personalised with decorative frames to cater to the preferences of your clientele. You can choose a single-sided or double-sided screen, allowing for a larger viewing surface and a more significant impact.

The strategic location of petrol stations makes them ideal for displaying relevant information on their screens, drawing in new customers. LED screens in petrol stations cater to these advertising and informational needs.

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Price display signs significantly enhance the impact of advertisements targeting customers seeking attractive offers, such as enticing fuel prices that prompt customers to stop at your service station or choose it over others. Incorporating LED screens into your marketing strategy can increase visibility, improve customer engagement, and boost monthly profits.


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All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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