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LED Traffic Displays

The traffic LED displays offer high visibility and intense brightness during the day and at night, making them more effective than other types of signs. One of the most significant advantages of traffic LED displays is their ability to be updated remotely. This eliminates the need to send workers to update the display on-site, resulting in cost savings.

LED Traffic displays offered by Polycomp Technologies are gaining popularity in intelligent transportation systems worldwide due to their versatility. They serve multiple purposes, such as:

  • Road signs
  • Passenger information for bus stations
  • Airport signage
  • Highways traffic LED displays
  • Tollgate signs
  • Train stations signs
  • Pedestrians’ crosswalks
  • Construction zones warnings
  • LED arrow-cross displays
  • Busy intersections LED displays
500x500 Speed indicators

These displays can benefit almost any roadside area.

Highway Displays

These overhead traffic signs are used worldwide to warn drivers of traffic congestion, accidents, and other hazards.

  • Designed & manufactured to your requirements, available in various LED colours & display sizes. 
  • Robust weatherproof enclosure designed & manufactured to withstand any weather conditions

The sign cabinets for outdoor use are built to safeguard the sign components from harsh weather conditions and ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the sign, without requiring maintenance, around the clock. The sign cabinet uses a single, corrosion-resistant, extruded aluminium frame.

Mobile VMS with Radar Speed Indicator

PolyComp Technologies offers portable variable-message signs and signs with radar for speed indication. These displays are used to show messages and accident warnings or can be used as speed limit indicators.


Benefits of using LED traffic displays

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been integral to electronic signage for decades. As LED technology advances, it has found its way into street, traffic, and lane control signage and has become a ubiquitous feature in electronic directional signs.

LED traffic signs have made a substantial and lasting impact on the street sign industry, elevating sign quality and aiding in the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. Below are some advantages of investing in LED traffic signs.

Top Daytime Visibility and Safety

The primary goal of a traffic sign is to offer guidance and warnings to drivers, facilitate the regulation of traffic flow between pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles, and promote safety for all involved by conveying clear, concise messages.

However, if a sign’s message is unreadable or misinterpreted, the likelihood of a safety incident increases significantly.

Signage and flashing lights often indicate reduced speed limits in construction zones. But incandescent flashing lights in direct sunlight can be challenging for drivers to see, creating a safety risk in the construction zone.

In contrast, LEDs remain visible even in direct sunlight, improving the visibility of traffic warnings and reducing the risk of work zone traffic incidents.

Best Night-time Visibility and Safety

It is well-known that LED-lighted signs are highly visible during night-time and low-light conditions.

These conditions are also known to present the highest risk of traffic collisions. Drivers’ inability to see traffic signs in low-light conditions is a leading cause of these accidents.

Therefore, LED traffic signs are an excellent tool for preventing night-time and low-light accidents.

The need for well-lit signs becomes even more critical during the winter months when snowy conditions can lead to low visibility and fewer hours of sunlight each day, with some locations in the US receiving just 9 hours or less of daylight daily.

A LED Display is Energy Efficient

When compared to incandescent lighting, LEDs are the superior lighting option.

They produce more robust, brighter light using less energy, saving energy costs.

Furthermore, LED traffic signs can be solar-powered, utilising renewable energy sources to increase your infrastructure’s energy efficiency and sustainability.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not produce light by burning a filament, making them longer-lasting and generating less waste.

LED Traffic Signal Lights are Environmentally Friendly

In addition to the benefits mentioned earlier, LEDs are also environmentally friendly. Unlike fluorescent and neon lights, they don’t contain harmful substances such as mercury, making them recyclable when they reach their end of life.

Using LEDs for traffic signs demonstrates your organization’s commitment to adopting clean, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions.

Implementing LED traffic signs saves energy costs and promotes safety for drivers and pedestrians while being an environmentally friendly investment.

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speed 10
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LED Traffic Signs – FAQ

Can I have information and pricing?

Indeed, our team is available to provide you with pricing information and guidance on configuring a customised system that meets your requirements. We can help you select appropriate components to set up a system that suits your unique situation. Contact PolyComp Technologies at (27)11 608 2770 for a quote.

What makes Polycomp Technologies Traffic LED signs better than the rest?

Our LED traffic signs are designed to capture driver attention and encourage compliance with posted signage.

With the integration of our cutting-edge LED technology, our sign systems utilise a set of synchronized high-intensity LEDs to expand the range of sign visibility during both day and night.

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Quality Guaranteed

All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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