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Our electronic LED clocks provide high visibility when displaying time and calendar information. PolyComp Technologies’ digital clocks are the ideal solution for clarity and viewing from different distances. They are suitable for multiple applications. Our displays are reliable, offering high-resolution timekeeping.

PolyComp’s digital clocks are highly accurate and backed up by an internal battery. The time and date are never lost during a power failure.

PolyComp Technologies LED Clock Features

Ease of Operation

The time can be set by serial communication from a PC or laptop computer or a simple-to-operate keypad/keyboard or wireless controller.

Multi-Display Mode

Units can display only time, or the display can toggle between time and date, with a 24-hour time and calendar (the time format is “hh: mm,” i.e. 23:15, and the date format is “dd mmm,” i.e. 20 Oct).

Accurate Real-time CMOS Clock with Backup Battery

The real-time clock is exceptionally accurate, with an error margin of fewer than two minutes a year. In addition, the built-in battery ensures that digital clocks have the ability to keep their time and date even during an extended power outage of up to 6 months.

Optional GPS functionality

We offer an optional GPS on our clocks that will guarantee accurate time. You no longer have to worry about setting the clock to the correct time.

Temperature display

Our displays are available with an accurate digital thermometer which can alternately display the ambient temperature in addition to the time and date. The thermometer can display the temperature in °C or °F.

Adaptive brightness

PolyComp Technologies incorporates a light sensor that will ensure the display is always displaying at optimum brightness.

High-Quality Enclosure

The display is available in robust indoor or outdoor options and is available in a number of materials to suit your environment. Typical enclosure options include mild steel, 3CR12, 304, or 316 stainless steel, as well as aluminium. The displays are powder coated for durability and have a pleasing aesthetic design.

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Custom Digital Clocks

PolyComp’s philosophy is one of innovation and providing an optimum solution to customers’ needs. Please contact our knowledgeable sales team for the custom clock you need, and we will create it for you.
A large digital clock – any size, shape, or colour you desire


How does an LED clock work?

A digital clock uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to display the time. The clock has electronic components, including a microcontroller or integrated circuit that controls the display and keeps track of time. Here is a general overview of how an electronic clock works.

Timekeeping: The clock uses a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator which generates accurate time.

Display: The display comprises multiple LEDs arranged in a pattern to form digits that display the time. The microcontroller sends signals to each LED to turn it on or off, creating the digits on the display.

Circuitry: The circuitry includes a power supply, clock circuit, display driver, and microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed to keep track of time and control the display.

Settings: The clock may have buttons or switches to adjust the time and other settings, such as the display’s brightness.

Overall, a LED digital clock is a simple and reliable way to display the time using modern electronic technology.

What Colour is best for an LED clock?

The colour of the clock display is a matter of personal preference and the intended use of the clock. However, by employing RGB technology, PolyComp can manufacture clocks having any digit colour, even amber.

Here are some general considerations:

  • Red: Red LEDs are also commonly used in outdoor clocks because they are easier to see in bright sunlight.
  • Green: Green LEDs are easy on the eyes and offer good visibility in low-light conditions.
  • White: White LED clocks are bright and easy to read in any lighting condition, but they can be too harsh for some people, especially in a dark room. They are often used in commercial settings, such as airports, train stations, and public places.

What are the benefits of an electronic led clock?

There are several benefits to using an electronic LED clock:

  • Accurate timekeeping: Digital clocks use temperature-compensated crystal oscillators, which provide highly accurate timekeeping. This means you can rely on your LED clock to keep accurate time, and you can trust it for important events or appointments. The optional GPS interface will guarantee that the time is always accurate.
  • Easy to read: A digital display is bright and easy to read, even from a distance or in low light conditions. This makes digital clocks ideal for use in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and public spaces.
  • Low power consumption: LED clocks require very little power to operate, making them more energy-efficient than other clocks. This means you can use your LED clock without worrying about high energy bills or battery replacements.

  • Customizable features: Many digital clocks have customizable features, such as digital alarm clock functions, snooze functions, display brightness controls, and timer clock options. You can tailor your LED clock design to meet your needs and preferences.

Overall, digital clocks offer a range of benefits, from accurate timekeeping to stylish design, making them a popular choice for many people.

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Quality Guaranteed

All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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