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Digital Signage Manufacturing

Boost Efficiency and Safety

Streamline communication and enhance productivity throughout your workforce. PolyComp Technologies specialises in manufacturing digital signage and will create a sign to suit your particular needs. Stay connected with a single touch, from headquarters to the factory floor.

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Improve Workplace Safety, Productivity, and Communication

Improved Safety with Digital Signage: Keep Your Production Line Running

Workplace accidents cost companies a lot of money. Digital signage is crucial in preventing such incidents by effectively communicating safety information.

Through digital signage, simple reminders to wear protective gear, urgent messages about hazards, and health and safety tips can be broadcasted, significantly reducing the risk of injuries.

Moreover, digital signage facilitates the circulation of evacuation plans, emergency alerts, and life safety notifications, ensuring timely awareness among employees.

Additionally, companies can leverage digital messaging to support HR initiatives and inform key stakeholders about health screenings, flu shots, and other beneficial programs.

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Increased Productivity

Digital signage displays real-time metrics and tracks performance indicators to help employees visualize and monitor workflows.

Using a digital content platform in real time makes production management information easily accessible, reducing waste and creating a more efficient workplace.

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Supercharge Employee Engagement with Digital Signage!

Improve productivity by keeping the entire workforce informed and engaged, whether they’re on the production floor or at the head office. Seamlessly transmit business-critical messages across multiple sites, reaching every employee in seconds.

Digital signage for manufacturing unleashed! Boost employee engagement and satisfaction with the messages you display.

With digital signage for manufacturing, you can customise messages for specific teams and departments.

Engage hard-to-reach manufacturing employees in multiple locations using digital signage.

Digital Signage Solutions Can Enhance Communication

Communication within a manufacturing environment is different from a typical office setting. In the factory, email access is scarce for plant workers, and even if they have cell phones, the ring often needs to be noticed amidst the hustle and bustle.

That’s where digital signage comes to the rescue. It is the go-to channel for HR and administrative teams to share vital information about company events and corporate updates.

These eye-catching digital displays also greet plant staff with welcome messages and can alert them about important visitors.

Leveraging the power of visual communication, digital signage becomes a powerful tool for reinforcing training, policies, and procedures, leaving a lasting impact on the workforce.

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Celebrate Holidays

Promoting positive work culture and boosting morale is essential in any workplace. One effective way to achieve this is by celebrating holidays and milestones.

When you showcase these special occasions on your digital signage, you acknowledge your employees’ hard work and dedication and create a sense of togetherness and pride in their work.

Using digital signage to highlight holidays and important milestones, you show appreciation for your employees’ efforts and contributions. This recognition is vital in building a strong sense of community within the workplace. It shows that you value your team’s achievements and that their work is integral to the organization’s overall success.

Moreover, celebrating holidays and milestones on digital signage creates a festive and engaging atmosphere. It encourages employees to feel connected and enthusiastic about their work, positively impacting productivity and job satisfaction. It also fosters a sense of unity as everyone comes together to enjoy and commemorate these special moments.

Employee Recognition

Unlocking the recipe for a joyful and motivated workforce lies in recognizing and appreciating your employees’ efforts. You create a powerful catalyst for employee satisfaction when you acknowledge their hard work and ensure they feel valued.

Your digital signage becomes the ultimate stage to showcase this appreciation. It is a dynamic platform where you can give well-deserved shout-outs, spotlight remarkable employee achievements, and commemorate essential milestones.

By utilizing digital signage, you cultivate a culture of celebration and recognition within your organization.

The impact of celebrating employees’ successes on digital signage is profound. It uplifts individual spirits and ignites a collective sense of pride and accomplishment. When employees see their hard work highlighted for everyone to witness, it boosts morale and motivates them to strive for even more significant achievements.

Furthermore, celebrating employee successes on digital signage creates a ripple effect throughout the organization. It inspires others to excel, fosters healthy competition, and cultivates a supportive and collaborative work environment.

In essence, leveraging your digital signage to honor and appreciate employees’ contributions is the secret to cultivating a happy and motivated workforce. By embracing this approach, you create an atmosphere of recognition, fueling employee engagement and loyalty while propelling your organization toward greater success.

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Create a Greener Environment Thanks to PolyComp Technologies Digital Signage

Embracing digital visual communication not only enhances sustainability but also brings about numerous benefits. By utilizing large digital displays, we can reduce the need for personal digital equipment and minimize paper consumption, making a positive environmental impact.

The real power of digital screens lies in their ability to deliver essential information in real time, specifically regarding energy consumption, waste management, and recycling. This enables us to sensitize and educate the workforce about sustainability practices and energy conservation. Moreover, it empowers employees to change their behaviors and take immediate action.

By leveraging digital screens to provide real-time updates on energy consumption, we create awareness among employees about their environmental footprint. This information is a powerful tool for promoting energy-saving practices and encouraging sustainable behaviors in the workplace.

Additionally, digital visual communication enables us to promote waste management and recycling initiatives. We educate employees about proper waste disposal and recycling methods by sharing relevant data and guidelines through digital displays. This encourages responsible and eco-conscious practices throughout the organization.

The instantaneous nature of digital signage allows for timely communication and immediate action. Employees can receive up-to-date information about sustainability efforts, enabling them to adapt their behaviors and contribute to a more environmentally friendly workplace.

Examples of Messages You Could Display

  • Production Data: Display the production data of a manufacturing company.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Track KPIs and display your progress in real-time.
  • Training Videos: Reach a wide audience easily with short training videos.
  • Safety Reminders: Remind employees to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Internal Communications: Distribute important internal messages to every employee by using digital signage.
  • News: Keep employees informed of news items by using digital screens.
  • Employee Communication: Ensure every employee receives timely communications.
  • Company News: Share important company news with all employees.
  • Update Floor Managers: Communicate effortlessly with your management team.
  • Productivity Goals: Remind workers of productivity goals or congratulate them when these are met.


How do you communicate with your digital signage in manufacturing?

Effortlessly manage all your displays in real time, whether in one place or scattered across different locations, with the convenience of our digital signage software, the “PolyCloud.” This powerful internet-based platform allows you to easily control and oversee your single or multiple displays from a central office.

Does PolyComp Technologies sell factory safety signboards?

PolyComp Technologies is manufacturing digital signage for the last 38 years. Your go-to provider of LED displays tailored for factories. Our versatile digital factory signage is fully customizable to meet your requirements, including displaying essential safety information. Whether you need a digital factory signboard or an LED display, PolyComp Technologies has got you covered.

To learn more about our offerings, call now at (+27)11 608 2770 or fill out our convenient Contact Form. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

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All PolyComp Technologies products are CE-approved and manufactured with high standards. Our Standard products are enclosed in attractive, powder-coated, or anodized aluminum extrusions. Our Outdoor enclosures are manufactured in accordance with IP standards.

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