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Tired of Power Outages? We have a solution for you.

We are proud to introduce a new product range and service from PolyComp. Are you tired of being left in the dark due to power outages only leaving you with no choice but to get expensive generators? Why not upgrade to a solar panel system suitable for your unique needs.
Solarcomp has products for the following applications:
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
Whether you just need the lights on and a couple of essential appliances running or a complete off the grid solution, look no further PolyComp can assist. South Africa is our main region at the moment, but we are looking to extend to other parts of Africa in the near future.
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Solar system

Power your pool pump with solar energy
Borehole on solar Power

Solar Panelled electric fencing

Power your ponds and water features with solar energy.

Power your home  with solar energy.

Pool Pump Powered by Solar
Component Information
250w Polycrystalline
300w Polycrystalline



Deep Cycle battries 12v/100AH.


SC-GF Series Hybrid Charger & Inverter.