Electronic led Scoreboards & Sport led displays

Electronic Scoreboards

Name the game and we will show the score! Led Scoreboards are ideal for visibility day and night. We design and manufacture your scoreboard to your requirements no matter what sport it is for. We also offer various options to make your decision more flexible when choosing a scoreboard.

Our robust scoreboards come in aluminium enclosures and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications, depending on your needs. Various character heights are available for your scoreboard and you can choose from dot matrix letters or 7 segment digits. The dot matrix option allow more flexibility regarding what you would like to display on your board. Perhaps you want to display names and numbers in various colours then this option would be best. The 7 segment digits come in various colours and heights to suit your needs and only displays scores, vinyl lettering or slide in letters would be used to display the team names and other information.

Electronic Signage for Sport

Scoreboards, Perimeter and Video Screens, Substitution boards, you name it we'll make it.We offer the Following Products for sport:

- Electronic Scoreboards
- Substitution boards
- Video Screens
- Count Down Clocks
We custom design and manufacture LED scoreboards for all sport types:
  • Electronic Soccer scoreboard
  • Electronic Rugby scoreboard
  • Electronic Cricket scoreboard
  • Electronic Water Polo scoreboard
  • Electronic Swimming scoreboard
  • Electronic Go Karting scoreboard
  • Electronic Drag Racing scoreboard
  • Electronic Tennis scoreboard
  • Electronic Basket Ball scoreboard
  • Electronic Baseball scoreboard
  • Electronic General scoreboard

Our scoreboards are robust and designed to withstand All weather conditions, we also have in door displays and clocks.

We manufacture electronic led substitution boards used for sports by the referees to signal players for substitution purpose

portable extra time boards to display match time and time remaining for the match to end, you can choose from our double sided /single sided

displays, Contact us to get a quote