LED Clocks

What better way to draw attention to your billboard or building than with one of our large outdoor 7 segment display / clock and temperature displays? LED Clocks Are also used for sport events.

PolyComp LED DISPLAY CLOCKS are the ideal solution for clarity and high visibility in the display of time and calendar information. A variety of digit sizes are available for viewing from different distances and to suit various applications.

Reliable, High resolution Time keeping

Our chonographs have extremely accurate real-time clocks, backup up by an internal battery, so that the time and date is never lost during a power failure.

Size doesn't matter!

We can create your digital clock to ANY size and shape and color you want. In fact, this is typical of PolyComp's philosophy of innovation and providing an optimum solution to our clients' needs.
From small to HUGE, PolyComp is committed to creating the perfect display for you!

- Accurate Real-time CMOS clock with backup battery - The real-time clock is exceptionally accurate, with an error margin of less than 2 seconds a year, and the built-in battery means that the sign keeps its time and date even during extended power outage of up to 6 months.

Chronograph core Features:
- Ease of operation - The time can be set either by Serial Communication from a PC or laptop computer, or by Push Buttons mounted on the unit.
- Multi-display Mode - Units can display time only, or the display can toggle between time and date, with a 24-Hour Time and Calendar (Time format is 'HH:mm', i.e. 23:15, and the Date format is 'dd MMM', i.e. 20 Oct)

- Optional Temperature Display - The Display may be ordered with a built-in thermometer to display the ambient temperature. Temperatures may be displayed in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

- High-quality Enclosure - Robust and weather-resistant, manufactured from high-strength polymers and high-tensile steel or lightweight aluminium extrusions, powder coated for durability and pleasing aesthetic design. Our outdoor clocks are specifically designed to have increased lightning resistance


Optional Temperature display

Our chronographs are available with an accurate digital thermometer what will alternately display the ambient temperature in addition to the time and date. The thermometer can display the temperature in °C or °F.