RGB Displays

Take your Advertising to a whole new level with Indoor and Outdoor full colour video screens.


Offering you state of the art solution for Indoor and Out door digital adverting with full colour displays, a wide range of sizes with animated and static graphics using videos or live feeds and streaming visuals.

RGB displays also known as led screens, led billboards, digital billboards, electronic billboards are becoming more and more popular throughout the world thanks to dramatic improve in quality and price decrease over the last few years, These products are used more and more through the world.

They are replacing static outdoor billboards allowing the user to change content immediately.over the internet without having to send a team of workers to replace static images

The movement and colors attract a great deal of attention and create clients awareness, further more ,a single LED Screen can display adverts for multiple clients or show multiple products or services in the same space as traditional sign generating more income for the owner, They can show adverts, Video,

Television as well as Real time information such as: Time and Temperature, Exchange rates, Gold price Stock market information, News, Etc, More and more Companies are using them to create company awareness, attract more attention, Display Company news, Special offers or Services that they offer,

– Eye catching with bright colours and amazing quality,

-Fast, easy and simple to change content,

-Many options of communication: USB connection, LAN, Wifi, 3/4G modems via internet

-Can display Streaming video from the internet or real time feed

-Can display large many different video formats such as: JPEG, GIF, AVI,

-Displays: Time, Temperature,

-External Devices such as: DSTV, PVR, VCR, OR ANY DVI, HDMI FEED

-Industrial Computer for reliable operation.