PolyComp (Pty) LTD is a market leader in electronic displays that are used in nearly every industry: shops, financial institutions, churches, mosques, manufacturing companies, mining houses, sports clubs, airports, railways, bus stations and all general advertisement applications.
Products include:


  • Digital Outdoor Billboards
  • Instore Advertising Displays
  • Stage Displays
  • Scoreboards for any Sport
  • Passenger Information Displays
  • Variable Message Sign
  • Safety Displays
  • Production Displays
  • Exchange Rate Boards
  • General Message Display
  • Queue Management System
  • Custom Design Displays


PolyComp was established in 1985 and employs professionals made up of a highly motivated team that includes: engineers, technicians, field installation/service technicians, production, quality assurance and sales executives.
PolyComp has many national and international clients and offers the best products at the right price. We also offer the best after-sales service and support.
PolyComp is currently looking into expanding its business into your area and is looking for local distributors to share their success.
PolyComp is looking for companies that are established for at least 3 years with experience in electronics, high-tech or signage, and have a professional sales and technical team. The company should have a good reputation in its market and be willing to expand and share the vision of the client always comes first.
PolyComp offers the best products at the best prices, short delivery time, professional product training, sales and marketing material, and support. We have lots of experience in this field and can provide an excellent reference from happy customers.
Preferred prices to approved dealers!
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